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Unmasking Impostor Syndrome: A Colorful Jar of Proof for Brilliance and Stress Management

How to use the Impostor Shield Jar to fight Impostor Syndrome and Manage Stress
How to use the Impostor Shield Jar to fight Impostor Syndrome and Manage Stress

Introduction to Impostor Syndrome

In the realm of personal and professional development, battling the ever-looming spectre of impostor syndrome is an ongoing challenge for many individuals. The constant self-doubt and fear of being exposed as a fraud can be paralyzing, hindering personal growth and success. However, an ingenious approach to tackling this phenomenon involves creating a tangible testament to your achievements and impact. This article explores a creative and visually engaging activity designed to silence the impostor and manage stress effectively.

The Impostor Shield Jar

One powerful method to combat impostor syndrome is to shift the focus from internalized doubts to externalized evidence of success. The Impostor Shield Jar is a transformative activity that turns intangible accomplishments into visible proof.

Gathering Your Arsenal

Start by collecting a bunch of vibrant and eye-catching notes. These can be post-its, sticky notes, or any small pieces of paper that catch your attention.

Casting a Wider Net

Contact your support system, including friends, family members, and clients. Ask them about their perceptions of your work, the positive impact that you have created for them, and the brilliance they see in you.

Transcribing Triumphs

As they share their thoughts, jot down each commendation on individual notes. These snippets become the building blocks of your impostor shield jar.

The Transparent Jar Method

Now that you've accumulated a collection of affirmations and positive feedback, it's time to bring them to life in a visually striking way.

Jar of Validation

Find a transparent jar to house your notes. This vessel symbolizes the tangible proof of your brilliance and the positive influence you've had on others.

Strategic Placement of the Impostor Shield Jar

Position the jar prominently, be it on your work table or in your living room. The goal is to create a constant visual reminder of your achievements.

Extending the Ritual to Family

The Impostor Shield Activity need not be a solitary endeavour. Involving your family in this activity can deepen the impact and foster a culture of support within your household.

Shared Triumphs

Encourage family members to contribute their thoughts about your achievements and impact. This collaborative effort reinforces the notion that success is a shared experience.

Collective Resilience

Having a family jar adds an extra layer of resilience. When impostor syndrome attempts to sow seeds of doubt, the collective notes become a fortification against negative self-talk.

Stress Management and the Impostor's Demise

On days when stress and self-doubt threaten to overwhelm you, this jar becomes a powerful stress management tool.

Breathing Through Doubt

Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself. Grounding techniques can help dissipate the fog of anxiety.

Reading Your Triumphs Aloud

Turn to the jar for solace. Reading aloud the notes serves as a vocal affirmation of your achievements, drowning out the impostor's whispers.

Visualizing Success

The visual representation of your triumphs serves as a beacon of positivity. It becomes a tangible shield against the stress that impostor syndrome can bring.


The Impostor Shield Jar is not just an activity; it's a dynamic tool for combating impostor syndrome and managing stress. By transforming intangible accomplishments into a visible testament, this ritual provides a daily reminder of your brilliance and positive impact. Embrace this creative approach to not only unmask the impostor but also empower yourself to navigate the challenges of self-doubt with resilience and confidence.


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