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Elevate Your Services with Stress-Free Success!

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In a world where stress often takes center stage, Madhurima is working with Executive Service providers to make it an afterthought. By building Priviate-Lable Courses and Service Add-ons about managing stress; helping you infuse joy and balance into your clients' lives.

Meet Madhurima

Madhurima Sappatti is a Global Stress Management Facilitator, a Freedom Soul Coach who helps Multi-Passionate, Ambitious, Dreamers, Manage their Stress and Prevent Burnout so that they can work towards and Manifest their DREAMS without their own selves holding them back.  

Madhurima Sappatti Global Stress Management Facilitator

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What Her Clients Say!

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Collaborating with her on a burnout prevention course for my "Build a Fundable Brand" bootcamp was equally amazing. Madhurima went the extra mile, crafting an entire course with incredible attention to detail and enthusiasm.

Kung Pik Liu

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