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The Fun Sandwich Technique: Balancing Difficult Tasks with Joy

Use the Sandwich Technique for Task Management
Use the Sandwich Technique for Task Management


In our daily lives, we all face tasks that are essential but far from enjoyable. Whether it’s filing taxes, tackling a challenging work project, or organizing a cluttered garage, these necessary evils can be sources of significant stress and frustration.

However, there is an enjoyable and effective strategy to not only endure but excel in completing these tasks: the Fun Sandwich Technique.

What is the Fun Sandwich Technique?

The Fun Sandwich Strategy is a simple yet effective task management technique designed to make daunting tasks more palatable and less stressful.

The concept is straightforward: sandwich a difficult or less enjoyable task between two enjoyable ones. This approach not only enhances your mood but also creates a psychological buffer that makes the difficult task feel less daunting.

It’s about giving yourself a motivational boost before a tough challenge and a rewarding experience afterward, making the overall experience more pleasant and manageable.

Why It Works -

Emotional Continuity:

Engaging in a fun activity before tackling a challenging task puts us in a positive emotional state, making us more resilient to frustration. Following the challenging task with another enjoyable activity helps dissolve any residual stress or negative feelings.

Increased Motivation:

Knowing there's something to look forward to before and after the dreaded task can increase motivation. The anticipation of enjoyment acts as a reward system, pushing us through the middle challenge.

Enhanced Focus:

Starting with a task you love can kickstart your productivity and focus, which can carry over into the difficult task. Similarly, ending with an enjoyable task provides an incentive to maintain focus throughout the challenging middle.

Implementing the Fun Sandwich Strategy

Preparation Is Key

Before you start, identify the challenging task you need to tackle and choose two enjoyable tasks you can look forward to. The enjoyable tasks should be engaging enough to elevate your mood but not so demanding that they leave you drained for the upcoming challenge.

Choosing the Right Tasks

The enjoyable tasks can be anything that brings you joy and relaxation. This could be as simple as sketching, taking a walk in the park, or brewing a special cup of coffee. The key is to ensure these tasks are genuine pleasures, not just items to check off a list.


Begin with your first enjoyable task. Spend sufficient time on this activity until you feel relaxed and uplifted. Transition smoothly into your difficult task. Remember, the shift in gears might feel a bit jarring, but the positive residue from your fun task will help carry you through. Once the challenging part is done, immediately engage in your second fun task. This not only acts as a great cool-down but also celebrates your accomplishment.

Reflection and Adjustment

After trying this technique, reflect on the experience. Did it make the difficult task more manageable? How did your emotions fluctuate between activities? Adjust your choice of tasks and their duration based on what you learn about your own productivity and emotional patterns.


The Fun Sandwich Technique is more than just a productivity hack; it’s a way to enrich your day-to-day life while handling necessary burdens. By strategically placing difficult tasks between layers of enjoyment, you create a balanced workflow that can help manage stress and boost overall satisfaction. Give it a try and transform how you approach challenging tasks, making your days both productive and enjoyable.


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