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Embracing the Pause and Play Strategy for Multipassionate Leaders

Pause and Play Strategy for Multi-passionate Leaders
Pause and Play Strategy for Multi-passionate Leaders

Are you a multipassionate individual, juggling a multitude of projects and dreams simultaneously? If so, you're likely familiar with the exhilaration and, at times, the stress that comes with pursuing multiple passions. Fear not, because this strategy (that came after many long nights filled with stress and overwhelm of handling way too many projects that I said yes to because I am a multi-passionate recovering people pleaser) can transform your approach and make your multipassionate journey more enjoyable – the Pause and Play technique.

Understanding Pause and Play:

1. Immediate Impact Assessment - Choosing Your Plays:

Begin by assessing your projects. This can involve multiple factors like - those with an immediate impact on your overarching dreams and goals. These are the projects you'll essentially press "Play" and work on. They take center stage in your current focus and attention on your resources (time, energy, money, and manpower).

2. The Art of Pausing - Strategic Pause, Not Quitting:

For the other projects that don't have an immediate impact on your dreams and goals, don't consider quitting them. Think of it as hitting the "Pause" button. Paused projects are not abandoned but are put on hold. During this time, you collect valuable information, tools, and resources – be it time, energy, money, or people. These paused projects are like dormant seeds waiting for the right season to sprout. And when the time comes you can press "Play" and work on them!

Why Pause and Play Works for Multipassionate Leaders:

1. Organizing Time and Energy:

By prioritizing projects, you effectively organize your time and energy. The focused attention on a select few prevents the scatterbrained feeling that often accompanies juggling too many tasks. It also helps you finish tasks and projects quickly and move forward with other projects.

2. Project Prioritization - Aligning with Dreams:

Pause and Play helps you prioritize projects based on their impact on your dreams and goals. It's a strategic move that ensures you're investing your efforts where they matter the most, right now.

3. Overwhelm Prevention - Streamlining Focus:

One of the greatest advantages is the prevention of overwhelm. As a multi-passionate leader, we are aware that some tasks have deeper layers within them that can slowly lead you towards overwhelm. We also tend to say YES to a lot of projects at the same time, without proper reflection on our resources, which eventually leads us to feel overwhelmed. With a narrowed focus created by the pause-and-play technique, you can dive deep into your chosen projects without feeling stretched thin.

4. Guilt-Free Pausing - It's Not Quitting:

This approach significantly decreases the guilt and grief associated with quitting. When we have to quit projects because of circumstances and limited time, it can lead to a lot of guilt and grief. It feels like an opportunity lost and holds us back, thereby preventing us from working on the projects we choose. With the Pause-and-Play techniques, it's not about quitting a project; it's about acknowledging the right timing for each endeavor.

Empowering Decision-Making with a Tool:

To assist in the decision-making process, I recommend checking out this incredible tool that I use regularly - The Checklist to Manage Stress for Ambitious People! This checklist is something that you can work through in the gap that exists when you first hear/think of a new idea and when you say yes to a project. It can be a game-changer in helping you discern which projects align best with your current goals.

Conclusion: Embrace the Pause and Play Rhythm:

In conclusion, the Pause-and-Play strategy is a powerful tool for multipassionate leaders. It brings order to the chaos, allowing you to make progress on your dreams without succumbing to stress and burnout. Remember, it's not about doing less but about doing with more intention. Embrace the Pause and Play rhythm, and watch how your multi-passionate journey becomes not only manageable but also immensely fulfilling.

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