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On A Mission To Make
Stress Management Fun!

Don't Let Your
Passion Burn Out!

Most passionate people end up losing the passion that drives them as they often sacrificed their limits, freedom and even happiness to fuel this passion but that often leads to unwanted burnouts due to a lack of boundaries, leading to over 60% of people losing the things that once drove them! 

It's Time To Break Free!

Meet Madhurima

Madhurima Sappatti is a Global Stress Management Facilitator, a Freedom Soul Coach who helps Multi-Passionate, Ambitious, Dreamers, Manage their Stress and Prevent Burnout so that they can work towards and Manifest their DREAMS without their own selves holding them back.  

Madhurima Sappatti Global Stress Management Facilitator

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Do You Know
The Cost Of Burnout?

Many times people wait till they hit rock bottom before they start to look for a solution. They might fall even further, digging a deeper hole for themselves because they don't think they have reached rock bottom. 


With burnout and stress, our body flashes warning signs that we've learnt to ignore for the sake of a greater mission that we might be pursuing. 

How Madhurima
Will Help You?

Madhurima offers a unique and empowering journey for clients, inviting them into a Safe Space free from judgment and fear.


She provides unwavering support, filling their containers with love, and allowing individuals to confidently navigate their path towards freedom from stress.



Heres How You Can Work With Madhurima.

What Her Clients Say!

Gisella, Client of Madhurima Sappatti Global Stress Management Facilitator
Due To Madhurima, I was able to achieve all of my goals I set out to accomplish and I also learned many helpful tools to continue my growth outside without guidance.

Gisella Munoz

Madhurima's coaching philosophy is focused on empowering individuals to overcome burnout by rebuilding their relationship with themselves and allowing their inner selves to guide them in life.

Insights by Madhurima Sappatti Global Stress Management Facilitator

I believe that we often ignore
our inner voice due to societal pressures, but it is important to listen to it in order to make the right decisions.

Why Burn Out Needs
To Be Dealt With?!

A lot of people look a burnout as just a sign of stress, but rather it is the ultimate form of stress as it affects each in their own way. Burnout had adverse effects on our well-being in more than one way, from losing passion, relationships, breakdowns, depression, emotional and mental distress, physical pain, and physiological issues such as digestive, cardiac, respiratory, and immunity issues amongst others. 

Some Songs To Help You...

Relax & Rejoice!

As a coach sometimes a few good melodies and beats can truly not just help take the attention away from stress but truly motivate us further!
So here's the Playful Recipies playlist for you!


The FREEDOM Process!

Madhurima has developed a 7-step
process called the FREEDOM, which takes people through a stress management journey. Here's what FREEDOM entails...


The Mind!


The Trigger!


The Patterns


Excavate To
Let Go!


Design The
New To Replace The Old!


Observe The Container!


Maintain The Container!

And Resources!


Learn some amazing tips, insights and ways to scale your mental wellbeing and manage stress while having fun and growth.


Listen to the amazing podcast, the souls conquest on major streaming platforms and conquer your burnout and stress!


Want something more? We have a collection of resources to help you grow and scale while managing your stress with ease!

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